Gothic Voices Discography

Gothic Voices is one of the leading English medieval ensembles. Its director, Christopher Page, is known primarily for his arguments in favor of performing medieval secular polyphony entirely by voices. The group has acted as a crucible for these ideas, and has included some of England's finest early music singers since its founding in 1980.

The unprecedented success of their first album, one of the first devoted to Hildegard, has allowed the group a freedom to choose recording programs. They have centered their repertory on the 14th century (although moving increasingly into the 15th of late), and on the geographical regions of England and Northern France.

Recordings, listed chronologically by production date:

A Feather on the Breath of God
Sequences and Hymns by Abbess Hildegard of Bingen
Hyperion 66039
The Mirror of Narcissus
Songs by Machaut
Hyperion 66087
The Garden of Zephirus
Courtly songs of the early fifteenth century
Hyperion 66144
The Castle of Fair Welcome
Courtly songs of the later 15th century
Hyperion 66194
The Service of Venus and Mars
Music for the Knights of the Garter, 1340-1440
Hyperion 66238
A Song for Francesca
Music in Italy, 1330-1430
Hyperion 66286
Music for the Lion-Hearted King
Hyperion 66336
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Motets and Songs from Thirteenth Century France
Hyperion 66423
The Medieval Romantics
French Songs and Motets, 1340-1440
Hyperion 66463
Lancaster and Valois
French and English music, 1350-1420
Hyperion 66588
The Study of Love
French Songs and Motets of the 14th Century
Hyperion 66619
The Voice in the Garden
Spanish Songs and Motets, 1480-1550
Hyperion 66653
The Spirits of England and France - I
Music for Court and Church from the later Middle Ages
Hyperion 66739
The Spirits of England and France - II
Songs of the Trouvères
Hyperion 66773
The Spirits of England and France - III
Binchois and his Contemporaries
Hyperion 66783
The Spirits of England and France - IV
Missa Caput / Story of the Salve Regina
Hyperion 66857
The Spirits of England and France - V
Missa Veterem hominem - An anonymous English Mass setting from c.1440
Hyperion 66919
La Rue: Missa de Feria / Missa Sancta Dei Genitrix
Hyperion 67010
Jerusalem: Vision of Peace
Songs and Plainchants of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Hyperion 67039
Masters of the Rolls
Music by English Composers of the Fourteenth Century
Hyperion 67098
The Earliest Songbook in England
Hyperion 67177
The Unknown Lover
Songs by Solage & Machaut
Avie 2089
A laurel for Landini
14th Century Italy's Greatest Composer
Gothic Voices / Andrew Lawrence-King
Avie 2151
Mary Star of the Sea
Linn Records 541
The Dufay Spectacle
Linn Records 568
Nowell synge we bothe al and som
A Feast of Christmas Music in Medieval England
Linn Records 591
Echoes of an Old Hall
Linn Records 644
The Splendour of Florence
With a Burgundian Resonance
Linn Records 700

A reissue collection:

Gothic Voices Gramophone Award Winners Collection
Hyperion CDS 44251/3 [CDx3]

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