Early Music Composers

The gathering of independent composer biographies is not something which we have prioritized at the FAQ, for various reasons. However, we have provided that information together with composer discographies, in some cases. The following major composer pages presently feature comprehensive, detailed discographies:

Pierre-F. Roberge Memorial Discographies

Two highly significant discographies are not nearly in a finished state, but contain a large amount of material:

Other pages which have achieved a degree of usefulness:

And a couple of more limited efforts:

We are working on several others as well, but they are not worthy of explicit mention at this time.

Regarding more comprehensive composer-based information, other simple general references will be coming online, and we are reluctant to write a series of small articles which may become superfluous. Discographies are different in this sense, since they require continuous updates, which we are able to provide. Conversely, a comprehensive discography requires much more work to prepare.

The recording overviews (Medieval, Renaissance, & Baroque) often contain individual composer discussion, and there is more discussion in many of the CD files linked from there.

In addition, many CD files will contain mostly-complete recent discographical information for many minor composers, and even some major composers, although these have not yet been placed formally on dedicated pages.

Above all, we are aiming for quality, accuracy and precision in these matters, and do not take preparing a composer discography lightly. In addition, many significant EM works are anonymous, and we may undertake more "manuscript discographies" under this heading in the future.

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