Josquin Desprez (c.1440/55-1521) - A discography

This page will eventually become a resource on the great Franco-Flemish composer Josquin Desprez. A biographical sketch appears below. Introduction and major recordings might best be reached via the Renaissance Overview.

This is a very preliminary and very cursory discography. It will likely not be completed in any systematic way for months or years. It might not include even all those items for which we have detailed contents (it hopefully does, but has not been checked). It does, however, include a variety of older & obscure material which is gathered here in preparation for a future extensive listing.

Discographic material below has been collected to this state primarily by Pierre-F. Roberge.

Todd M. McComb


Josquin Desprez (c.1440/55-1521) is widely regarded as one of the finest and most influential composers in the history of Western music. The stylistic traits of his music, both in contrapuntal technique and in text-setting, gave the defining direction to the High Renaissance and with it the course of music history as a whole. Not only was Josquin admired by Martin Luther as the greatest of composers, but his music was distributed throughout Europe and especially in Germany for decades after his death. The clear textures and text declamation which Josquin employed set the stage not only for the next developments of technical harmony, but for the clarity and conciseness demanded by the Counter-Reformation of Palestrina et al. as well. Josquin's output displays a rare combination of innovation and accomplished technical mastery, and has retained for him a position as the most prominent composer of the early sixteenth century, perhaps the high point of Western music as a whole.

The circumstances of Josquin's early life are mostly unclear. No documentary evidence exists prior to engagements in his early adulthood, and later contemporary suggestions that he was born in Hainaut are disputed effectively by documentary evidence that he was a legal alien there during the last years of his life at Condé. What can be stated with some certainty is that legally and culturally, Josquin was French, from somewhere in the region of Picardy. His career was first discernible in Milan, but this fact is now disputed, and indeed under some proposed scenarios the year of his birth may be closer to 1455 than the traditional 1440. He certainly received relatively early appointments at the French Court and at the Papal Chapel in Rome. Perhaps the decisive appointment is that to Ferrara in 1503, not only for the extravagance of both the setting and his salary, but for the degree of precision with which it is documented. In any event, Josquin did not remain there long, and fleeing the plague, went to Condé for his retirement by 1504. His appointment in Ferrara also coincides nicely with Petrucci's first publication of a volume of Josquin's masses in 1502. The establishment of movable-type printing for polyphony by Petrucci in Venice is one of the most significant events in Western music history, and the choice of Josquin for the first dedicated volume is perhaps the single most instrumental event defining Josquin's subsequent reputation. Aside from this event, some of his contemporaries have resumes of similar quality.

Although he spent a substantial portion of his career in Italy, Josquin evidently received his training in the Northern Franco-Flemish style before then, perhaps at the feet of Ockeghem. Josquin's international career certainly marks him as a special talent of the period, and consequently a composer of wide influence and cosmopolitan taste. However, there is a clear precedent in the career of Dufay, which follows a similar outline (as do those of Josquin's contemporaries such as Isaac or Obrecht). Josquin's Northern foundation is clearly seen in his mastery of contrapuntal textures in four, five and six voices, and especially in his canonic technique. His Italian influence is frequently sought in the increasingly lucid textures he employed, together with his new emphasis on homophony. The lightness and short phrases of Italianate settings were to be balanced against the more melismatic and contrapuntal Northern style, and consequently Josquin perfected the technique of "pervasive imitation" to achieve a contrapuntally-based structure around short motives and interlocking phrases. Pervasive imitation describes a situation in which shared material between voices determines the contrapuntal texture of a piece, and in Josquin's case, this usually meant interlocking canonic duets.

Josquin's stylistic progression can be perceived first in a reduction of melismatic phrases and ornately spun lines to a more succinct and syllabic style built around canonic technique, and second in a more sophisticated deployment of this technique such that its structural implications are not particularly evident to the listener. In some cases, this increased subtlety can cause some confusion as to whether a work dates to before or after Josquin's perfection of the pervasive imitation technique (which is frequently exemplified by the eloquent motet Ave Maria, gratia plena in four parts). As a leader in the most fundamental stylistic shift of the High Renaissance, Josquin continued to place music more and more at the service of text. This was accomplished not only by cleaner textures and declamations, but also by early word-painting techniques which would become a staple of the later madrigal schools. Priority was also given to text in larger and more sophisticated ways, letting details of the structure of the poetry dictate elements of the musical progression, a practice which at his best Josquin could perform in particularly unselfconscious and compelling ways. Josquin's subsequent reputation rests both on his response to text and his development of pervasive imitation as a technique for straightforward settings able to support larger structures, leading to the sixteenth century codifications of harmony by Zarlino et al.

Josquin's musical output consists of some eighteen mass cycles, plus independent sections and doubtful attributions, more than a hundred motets, and about eighty secular works primarily in French. His is a relatively large surviving output for the period and accordingly varied. Although modern taste for the mass cycle as a sort of proto-symphony has brought an emphasis on Josquin's music in this genre, his motets are clearly his most individual, expressive and masterful contributions. The variety of expression they contain, together with their formal ingenuity make them sufficient by themselves to establish Josquin's posthumous reputation. Among these, such works as Miserere mei, Deus, Stabat Mater dolorosa, and Praeter rerum serium (in five, five, and six parts, respectively) have become especially popular and important today. Josquin's masses are certainly not to be neglected, especially considering the restraint and serenity he was able to convey in this form. Of these, the Missa de beata virgine was by far the most popular in contemporary sources, even if it apparently did not originate as a cycle and is the only Josquin mass cycle with entire movements not in four parts. Also based quite austerely on direct plainsong quotation, the Missa Pange lingua is the one securely attributed Josquin mass not to be published by Petrucci, possibly because of its late date. The circumstances surrounding Josquin's secular music are frequently even less clear, although his position as a transitional figure in this genre, between the Burgundian court chansons of Busnoys and others to the fully sixteenth century madrigal style, is easy to observe. His secular music is accordingly broad in its stylistic range, and it has even been suggested that much of it was intended for instrumental performance.

Josquin's lofty posthumous reputation was reflected both in the widespread survival of his substantial and varied output as well as in many misattributions, intentional and otherwise. For instance, frottole such as El grillo are no longer regarded as of certain authenticity, casting a different light on some of his secular activity. In addition, various transcriptions exist, as well as authentic works with parts added by other composers. Although these facts mean that Josquin's catalog remains in a state of flux, understanding of his music and historical position has never been better. Even many casual listeners today regard him as the greatest composer in Western music, and of course his position with respect to the origin of music printing guarantees that his influence will remain tangible.

Todd M. McComb, 7/99


Original releases

(or first known)

  1. Academia 308 [LP, 25cm, mono]
    Courtly Music of the XVIth Century
    Harvard & Radcliffe Music Clubs Chorus

  2. Accent ACC 198 130 D
    Saturn and Polyphony
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  3. Accord 20 466 2
    De Morales: Messe Mille Regretz
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  4. CD Accord 070
    Allegri / Josquin / Gesualdo / Penderecki / Szalonek - Krupowicz
    Camerata Silesia - Anna Szostak

  5. Ace of Diamonds ADD 196 [LP, mono]
    Ambrosian Singers
    Ambrosian Singers - John McCarthy, cond.

  6. Aeon 1226
    Plorer, Gemir, Crier...
    Hommage à La "Voix d'Or" de Ockeghem
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  7. Alamire LUB 03
    Magister X
    An Introduction to Polyphony
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    The Brightest Heaven of Invention
    Flemish Polyphony of the High Renaissance
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  27. L'Anthologie sonore AS 73 [78 r.p.m.]
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  28. L'Anthologie sonore AS 107/108 [78 r.p.m.]
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  29. L'Anthologie Sonore AS 2501 LD [LP, 25cm, mono]
    Late 15th and Early 16th Century
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  30. Aparté 259 [CD]
    Josquin Desprez: Baisiez Moy
    Thélème - Jean-Christophe Groffe

  31. Aparté 338 [CD]
    Josquin: Malheur me bat
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  32. Apollon Classics 10201
    Hear the Voice
    Ensmble Amarcord

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  34. Ar Re-Se 2013-2
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    Hercules, Dux Ferrariae / Chascun me crie... même Hercule
    Métamorphoses / Biscantor - Maurice Bourbon

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    Sine nomine / Faysant regretz
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    Vol. 10: Josquin et St. Quentin
    Malheur me bat / L'ami Baudichon
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  40. Arcana 489 [CD]
    Josquin Desprez in Italia
    Odhecaton / Gesualdo Six / La Reverdie / La Pifarescha - Paolo Da Col

  41. Archiv Produktion 14171 [LP-Mono] or 198 171 [LP-Stereo]
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  128. Camerata CM 17 067 EP [45rpm, 17cm]
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  130. Camerata CMS 30 031 [LP]
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    Camerata de Caracas
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    Northern Consort
    Northern Consort

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    Musica Reservata
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    Salve Regina
    Late-mediaeval Motets to the Virgin Mary
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    Roger Wagner Chorale

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    Embellished Renaissance Music
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    Missa Pange lingua
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    Love and the Mystic in Renaissance Spain
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    Vivat Leo!
    Music for a Medici Pope
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    Cappella Pratensis - Stratton Bull

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    Chanticleer on the Air
    Live Radio Highlights
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    Vocal liturgical music in the Habsburg imperial court
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    Choralis Constantinus 500
    Vocal liturgical music in the Habsburg imperial court according to 15th and 16th-century practices
    Corvina Consort, et al. - Zoltán Kalmanovits

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    Funeral Music of the Renaissance
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    Luther in Rome
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    Kaiser Maximilian I
    Lieder / Chansons / Tänze
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    The Waverly Consort - M. Jaffee, dir.

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    Dessoff Choir - Paul Boepple, dir.

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    Josquin & Antonello
    L'abbraccio fra Nord e Mezzogiorno - Intavolature per liuto
    Michele Cinquina

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    A Thousand Pearls
    James Johnson and the Eastman Brass
    The Eastman Brass

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    Des Prés - Jesu, tu pauperum
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    The Heavens are Telling
    Hamilton College Men's Choir - John L. Baldwin, dir.

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    The Earth Resounds
    Josquin / Brumel / Lassus
    The Sixteen - Harry Christophers

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    The Call of Rome
    Allegri / Josquin / Anerio / Victoria
    The Sixteen - Harry Christophers

  223. Coro 16203 [CD]
    Masters of Imitation
    The Sixteen - Harry Christophers

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    Music of the Renaissance
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    Music for Emperor Charles V
    Capella de la Torre

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    Geld Macht Musik
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    Music for the Emperor Charles V
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    Josquin: De profundis
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    Josquin: Missa Ave maris stella / Marian motets
    Weser-Renaissance - Manfred Cordes

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    Music from the Spanish Kingdoms
    Circa 1500 Ensemble

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    Bonjour, mon coeur
    Renaissance chansons and madrigals
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    L'héritage de Petrus Alamire
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

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    Musica da Camera Italiana
    Charlotte Lehmann, Karslruher Consort - Hans Spengler, dir.

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    Schola Cantorum St. Foillan, Aachen - Wilhelm Eschweiler, dir.

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    Winds and Voices
    Music at the Danish Court in the 1540s
    Copenhagen Cornetts & Sackbutts / Musica Ficta - Bo Holten

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    Josquin: In principio
    De Labyrintho - Walter Testolin

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    Musiques et chants de la Renaissance
    Heureux qui comme Ulysse - Musiques et Chants du XVIe siècle
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    New York Pro Musica - John Reeves White, dir.

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    The Golden Renaissance
    Josquin Des Prez
    Stile Antico

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    Beyond Chant
    Mysteries of the Renaissance
    Voices of Ascension - Dennis Keene

  245. Delos 3174
    From Chant to Renaissance
    Voices of Ascension - Dennis Keene

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    Sanctum est verum lumen
    National Youth Choir of Great Britain – Mike Brewer, dir.

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    Mynstrelles with Straunge Sounds
    The Earliest Consort Music for Viols
    Clare Wilkinson / Rose Consort of Viols

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    Werrecore / Josquin / Gaffurius / Weerbeke
    Siglo de Oro - Patrick Allies

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    A Spotless Rose
    Gabrieli Consort – Paul McCreesh, dir.

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    Le mystère de "Malheur me bat"
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

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    Water Music
    Tales of Nymphs and Sirens
    Capella de la Torre - Katharina Bäuml

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    Earth Music
    Tales of Silver, Gold and Subterranean Secrets
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    Josquin des Prez
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    Ensemble vocal - Marcel Couraud, dir.

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    Motet; Vultum tuum deprecabuntur (I)
    Ensemble vocal &ndash Marcel Couraud, dir.

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    Josquin des Prés
    Motet; Vultum tuum deprecabuntur (II)
    Ensemble vocal &ndash Marcel Couraud, dir.

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    Josquin des Prés
    Motet; Vultum tuum deprecabuntur (II)
    Ensemble vocal &ndash Marcel Couraud, dir.

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    Anthologie de la chanson française de 1450 à 1550, de Gilles Binchois à Guillaume Costeley
    Ensemble vocal Blanchard - Roger Blanchard, dir.

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    Josquin Des Prez - Missa "De beata Vergine"
    Ensemble vocal Roger Blanchard

  267. Disques André Charlin CL 25 [LP]
    Danceries du XVIe pour orgue d'après la tablature de Jan de Lublin - Tanzmusik der Renaissance aus der Tablatur des Johannes von Lublin
    Hubert Schoonbroodt

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    Les Fresques musicales de Saint-Bonnet-le-château: Josquin des Prés - Missa "Gaudeamus"
    Le Groupe des Instruments anciens de Paris & Ensemble des Chantres de Plain-Chant - Roger Cotte, dir.

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    Vive Henri IV
    Les Menestriers

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    L'Album de Marguerite d'Autriche
    Josquin Desprez, Pierre de La Rue
    La Sestina - Adriano Giardina, dir.

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    Musica secreta & Celestial Sirens

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    Three Centuries of Netherlands Music
    Anthology for the Centenary of the Society for Netherlands Musical History
    Various ensembles

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    The Italian lute song
    J. Baird, R.McFarlane, lute

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    Renaissance Winds
    Ensemble Doulce Mémoire - Denis Raisin-Dadre

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    Sephardic Journey
    Spain and the Spanish Jews
    La Rondinella

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    The Diamond of Ferrara
    Music from the Court of Ercole I
    Ex Umbris

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    Music for Joan the Mad
    Spain 1479-1555
    La Nef - Sylvain Bergeron

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    The Early Josquin
    Missa L'ami baudechon, etc.
    Capella Alamire - Peter Urquhart

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    Josquin - Lassus
    Ensemble vocal Jouve - Jouve, dir.

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    Rubbra / Britten: The Complete Recorder Works
    The Flautadors / The Dante Quartet / Laurence Cummings / Patricia Rozario / Susanna Pell

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    Circumdederunt me
    De Labyrintho - Walter Testolin

  282. ECM New Series 1504
    Codex Speciálník
    Hilliard Ensemble

  283. ECM "New Series" 476 5780 [CD] or
    The Dowland Project

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    Secret History
    Josquin / Victoria
    John Potter, et al.

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    Josquin Després - Ave Maria
    Choeur de la Chapelle Julian - Boëzi, dir.

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    Secular works
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    Chansons de la Renaissance
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    w/ Motets & Chansons
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    Memory Pieces
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    Instants musicaux
    Ensemble vocal Gérard George - Gérard George, choirmaster

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    Alfred Knop

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    Rennaisance Polyphony in Brugge
    The Songbook of Zeghere van Male
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    Missa Alleluia
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    Capilla Flamenca

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    Désir d'aymer
    Capilla Flamenca

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    Bellum & Pax
    Missa L'homme armé / Da Pacem
    Obrecht / Josquin / La Rue
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    Sixtine Chapel Choir at the Vatican
    Sixtine Chapel Choir - D. Bartolucci, cond.

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    Heinrich Schütz: Symphoniae sacrae & Josquin Des Prez
    UCLA Men's Glee Club, UCLA Madrigal Singers & Collegium Musicum - Donn Weiss, cond.

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    Music in Time - Part 3: The Renaissance
    The authoritative, comprehensive History of Western Music Narrated by James Galway
    Various performers

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    Of arms and a woman
    Late medieval wind music

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    Rabelais - Fay ce que vouldras
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    American Brass Quintet

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    L'Art Sacre de Josquin Des Pres
    A Sei Voci

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    Missa D'ung aultre amer / Missa Faysant regretz
    Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips

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    Tallis Scholars Live in Oxford
    Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips

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    Musica Vaticana
    Music from the Vatican Manuscripts (1503-1534)
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    Pomerium - Alexander Blachly

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    Past and present reflections of the Marian inspiration
    Cantica Symphonia

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    Laments, deplorations and dances of death
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    Biggs Family Ensemble

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    Stile Antico

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    What is our Life?
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    The Sound of Cambridges Voices
    Cambridge Voices - Ian de Massini

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    A Reneszánsz zene gyöngyszemei
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    Missa « Alma redemptoris Mater »
    Missa « Missus est Gabriel Angelus »
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    Richafort: Requiem

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    Cueurs desolez
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    Musique sacrée à l'époque médiévale
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    In Mulieribus: LIVE II 2009-2014
    In Mulieribus

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    Josquin Des Prés - Cyprian de Rore
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    Josquin: Missa Gaudeamus
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    Missus est Gabriel Angelus
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    Cappella Pratensis - Rebecca Stewart

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    La Chapelle des chantres des Ducs de Lorraine
    Thérache / Lasson / Motets de Lorraine
    Ensemble Cantus Figuratus / La Traditora - Dominique Vellard

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    Renaissancemusik a cappella
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  454. Klanglogo 1412
    Nostre Dame
    Vienna Vocal Consort

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    Musica aldersoetste Konst
    Polyphonic songs from the Low Countries
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

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    Memoria mortis - Motet Cycles of the Late XVth Century
    Loyset Compère & Josquin Desprez
    Ensemble Charneyron - Peter W. Christoffersen, dir.

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    Josquin: Missa de Beata Virgine
    w/Motets & Chansons
    Ensemble Ars Nova - Bo Holten

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    Requiem: Brumel, Josquin, Victoria, Anonymes du XVIè siècle
    Schola Cantorum, Copenhagen - Bernard Lewkovitch, dir.

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    Los compositores imperiales de Carlos V y Felipe II – The Imperial Composers of Charles V and Phillip II
    Musica Reservata de Barcelona – Peter Phillips, dir.

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    Danielis Prophetia
    Música medieval y renacentista para los tiempos de Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía
    Collegium Vocale de Madrid - M. Á. Jaraba, dir.

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    Lute Music, 1440-1500
    Crawford Young

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    Medieval and Renaissance Music
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    Música religiosa en torno al papa Alejandro VI (1492-1503)
    Capella de Ministrers - Carles Magraner, dir.

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    Josquin & Rome 2
    Messes Gaudeamus & La sol fa re mi
    Métamorphoses - Maurice Bourbon

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    Yo te quiere matare
    Minstrels in Granada in the 16th Century
    Ensemble La Danserye

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    The Golden Age Volume 1: Europe
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    Pro Arte Recorder Ensemble & Conjunto Pro Arte de Flautas Dulces.

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    Chamber Music for Voices
    Klagenfurt Madrigal Chorus - Gunther Mittergradnegger, cond.

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    Ensemble "Lachrimae Consort", Ensemble vocal "La Trulla de bozes" - Philippe Foulon, dir.

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    Peter Schwarz dirigiert die Berliner Capella
    Berliner Capella - Peter Schwarz, dir.

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    "Pro anima" Ensemble

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    Stanford University Chorus

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    Songs for the Holy Virgin from the 16th and 17th Centuries
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    From the Musical World of Leonardo da Vinci
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    A Mosaic of Music
    Musici Anonymi

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    Global Player Maximilian
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    (precise title unknown)
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    Cruzando el Rio
    Radio Tarifa

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    Music From the Basilica
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    Petrus Alamire & the Court of Henry VIII
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    Music & Passions of a Tudor Queen
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    L'Amore mi fa sollazar
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    Música Antigua – Eduardo Paniagua, dir.

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    Presque Josquin
    Music associated with Josquin des Prez
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    Madame d'amours
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    The Lion's Ear
    La Morra

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    Musik der Reformationszeit
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    Se congie prens
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    Gaude Virgo
    Renaissance Choral Music
    Cantores - David Allinson

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    Josquin: Inviolata
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    La la hö hö
    Sixteenth-Century Viol Music for the Richest Man in the World
    Linarol Consort

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    Cappella Pratensis - Rebecca Stewart

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    O admirabile commercium
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    A Renaissance Collection
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    The First Violins and their Repertoire (1500-1550)
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    Josquin: Adieu mes amours
    Dulces Exuviae

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    Josquin: Tant vous aime
    Doulce Mémoire - Denis Raisin Dadre

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    Arcadelt: Missa Noe Noe
    Chœur de Chambre de Namur / Cappella Mediterranea - Leonardo García Alarcón

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    Secrets of the Heavens
    Seven Hymns of Orpheus to the Planetary Gods
    Catherine King / Marini Consort - Mark Tucker

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    Musiche per Van Dyck: Chanson e Madrigali dei secoli XVI e XX
    Ring Around Quartet

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    Turmmusiken und festliche Intraden
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    Au temps de Botticelli
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    Toet & Studenten-Kammerchor Utrecht - Jan Boogaarts, dir.

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    The Triumphs of Maximilian
    Senfl / Isaac / Stoltzer / Finck
    John Potter / Musica Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby

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    Music for Philip of Spain
    Chapelle du Roi - Alistair Dixon

  631. Signum 019
    Music for Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
    Chapelle du Roi - Alistair Dixon

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    Master of Musicians
    Songs and instrumental music by Josquin Des Pres, his pupils and contemporaries
    Musica Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby

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    A Songbook for Isabella
    Music from the circle of Isabella d'Este
    Musica Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby

  634. Signum 326
    Requiem — Tributes to Josquin Desprez
    The King's Singers

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    Salve Salve Salve
    Josquin's Spanish Legacy
    Contrapunctus - Owen Rees

  636. Son an ero 13 [CDx2]
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    Utopia Triumphans
    The Great Polyphony of the Renaissance
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    The Landscape of the Polyphonists
    The world of Franco-Flemish vocal art (1400-1600)
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    Various performers

  89. Harmonia Mundi "Century" HMX 290 8172 [CD]
    La naissance d'un répertoire spécifiquement instrumental / The birth of a specifically instrumental repertory (1450-1659)
    L'émergence de la musique instrumentale / The Rise of Instrumental Music
    Various performers

  90. Harmonia Mundi HMX 290 8183 (3 CDs)
    Various composers and performers

  91. Harmonia Mundi HMX 290 8196 / 98 [CDx3]
    Les chefs-d'œvre de la polyphonie (XVe-XVIe siècles)
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel, dir.

  92. Harmonia Mundi HMX 290 401618 [CDx3]
    Josquin Desprez - The Renaissance Master
    Sacred music and chansons
    Various artists

  93. Harmonia Mundi 590 8224 [CDx2]
    Les Plaisirs du Palais
    Clemens non Papa / Sermisy / etc.
    Ensemble Clément Janequin - Dominique Visse, dir.

  94. Haydn Society "L'Anthologie sonore" HS-AS 5 [LP]
    Josquin des Prés & other composers
    Various performers

  95. Haydn Society recording HSL 2071 [LP, mono, NA market]
    Masterpieces of Music before 1750, vol. 1 - An Anthology of Musical Examples from Gregorian Chant to J.S. Bach
    Danish Soloists and Ensembles

  96. HMV HLP 5/6/7 [3 LP-mono, 25cm, European market]
    The History of Music in Sound, Vol. III: Ars Nova and the Renaissance
    Various performers

  97. His Master's Voice (EMI) 5 C 047-24370 [LP]
    De Wereld van Syntagma Musicum
    Ensemble Syntagma Musicum - Kees Otten, dir.

  98. Hungaroton "Artisjus" SLPX 11 491 / 93 [LPx3]
    Music life in old Hungary
    Various performers

  99. Lyrichord LL 147 [LPx3, stereo]
    A History of Music from Middle Ages to the Pre-Baroque
    Collegium Musicum, Krefeld - Robert Haas, dir.

  100. Lyrichord LEMS 8030
    The Recorder - Four Centuries of Recorder Music
    Pro Arte Recorder Ensemble (Conjunto Pro Arte de Flautas Dulces)

  101. Meridian CDE 84 218 [CD]
    Josquin Desprez: Missa "Pange Lingua" - Gregorio Allegri: Missa vidi tiurbam magnam - Jean Titelouze: Three versets on Pange Lingua
    The Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge - George Guest, dir.

  102. Metronome 1075
    Raphael - The Music of the Courtier
    Orlando Consort / Concordia / I Fagiolini / Christopher Wilson

  103. Musical Heritage Society MHS 617 [LP]
    Josquin Des Prés - Missa "Pange Lingua" & Le Jeune - Chansons
    Ensemble vocal Caillard - Philippe Caillard, dir.

  104. Naïve NC 40009 [CDx2 + Book]
    Charles D'Helfer: messe de funérailles des Ducs de Lorraine
    Josquin Desprez: Messe de l'Homme armé A Sei Voci / Psalette de Lorraine – Bernarrd Fabre-Garrus, dir.

  105. Naïve "Monum" V4901
    20 siècles en Cathédrales
    Various performers

  106. Naxos 8.551203
    An Introduction To Early Music
    Various ensembles

  107. Naxos 8.554770 [CDx2]
    The World of Early Music
    Various performers and ensembles

  108. Naxos 8.557652 [CD]
    Early Music for Meditation
    Various performers

  109. Naxos 8.558057 [CD]
    Leonardo da Vinci - Music of His Time
    Various performers

  110. Naxos « Educational – Discover » 8.558170 / 71 [CDx2]
    Discover Early Music
    Various performers and ensembles

  111. Nonesuch H-1 084 [LP, mono]
    Heinrich Isaac: Missa Carminum - Josquin Des Prez: Ave Christe - Orlando Di Lasso: Motets
    Instrumental and vocal music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
    Neidersächsischer Singkreis, Hanover - Willi Trader, cond.; Kaufbeurer Martinsfinken - Ludwig Hahn, cond.

  112. Nonesuch 1095 [LP]
    Renaissance Choral Music for Christmas
    N.C.R.V. Vocaal Ensemble, Hilversum - M. Voorberg, cond.; Kaufbeurer Martinsfinken - L. Hahn, cond.; Neidersächsischer Singkreis, Hanover - Willi Träder, cond.

  113. Opus 111 OP 30 343 [CDx2]
    Exsultate jubilate
    Dix siècles de musique sacrée - Ten centuries of sacred music
    Various performers and Ensemble

  114. Oratorio ORCD 4111 [CDx2]
    Musique populaire des Temps Anciens
    Musique populaire de la Renaissance
    Ensemble Claude-Gervaise

  115. Pathé ED 82 [45rpm, 17cm]
    Chansons polyphoniques françaises
    Choeurs d'enfants de la Maîtrise R.T.F. - Besson, cond.

  116. Period TE 1133 [LPx3 ?]
    Old Baroque Masters
    Flor Peeters

  117. Philips N 0993R / 0994R [LPx2, mono, 25cm]
    Chansons Françaises
    Vol. 1: La fleur des chansons d'amour & Vol. 2 Chansons polyphoniques
    Ensemble vocal Roger Blanchard - Roger Blanchard, dir.

  118. Philips "Duo" 462 862-2 [CDx2]
    The Best of the Renaissance
    The Tallis Scolars - Peter Phillips, dir.

  119. Pierre Vérany PV 7 84 09 2 [CD]
    Les plus belles pages de la musique ancienne
    Ensemble de musique ancienne Polyphonia Antiqua - Yves Esquieu, dir.

  120. Pristine Audio PACO 016 [CD]
    Sacred Choral Music: Josquin, Arcadelt, Palestrina
    Unaccompanied Early Polyphony
    Various Choirs (Sistine, Dijon, Strasbourg, Amsterdamsch)

  121. RCA 68108 [CD]
    Renaissance Men
    Canadian Brass

  122. RCA Victor (BMG) "Seon" GD 71 966 [CD]
    Josquin Desprez: Missa La Sol Fa Ré Mi / Motets
    Capella antiqua München - Konrad Ruhland, dir.

  123. Ricercar 102 [8 CDs+book]
    The Flemish Polyphony
    Various performers

  124. Saydisc / Amon Ra 73 [CD]
    High Renaissance
    Choral Polyphony from the Low Countries
    New London Chamber Choir - James Wood

  125. Schwann "Hören & Lernen" HL 00 211 [LPx5]
    Spektrum Music vol. 3
    Musikkunde in Biespielen
    Various performers

  126. Seraphim SIC-6052 [LPx3, stereo]
    The Seraphim Guide to Renaissance Music
    72 vocal and instrumental works from the 13th to 17th centuries Syntagma Musicum of Amsterdam - Kees Otten, dir.

  127. Sony "Seon" 60362
    Josquin: Missa "La sol fa re mi" & Motets
    Capella Antiqua München - Konrad Ruhland

  128. Sony SMK 60 992
    National Public Radio - Milestones of the Millenium
    The Renaissance in Music
    Various artists

  129. Sony Classical "Vivarte" SSK 6329
    L'aventure musicale
    Une incursion à travers 1,000 ans de musique Josquin des Prés, Claudio Monteverdi, Henry Purcell et al.
    Various performers

  130. Sony classical "Gala" 498 141 2 [CD]
    Ave Maria
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City; Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart; Mostly Mozart Festival, New York / Orchestra; Capella Antiqua, München

  131. Sony Classic SBG 7478442 [CDx15]
    A Secret Labyrinth
    A Celebration of Music from Middle Ages to Renaissance
    Huelgas Ensemble – Paul Van Nevel,dir.

  132. Sony "Classical" 82876-82812-2 [CD]
    Da Vinci
    Music from his time
    Various Ensembles - Van Nevel, Jaffee, Ruhland, dirs.

  133. Studio SM K 318 [Cass.]
    Ambiance - 3
    Musique en église
    Various Ensembles

  134. Studio SM K572 [Cass.]
    Ambiance - 5
    Musique en église: Marie
    Various Ensembles

  135. Studio SM D2589 [CDx2]
    Parcours sacré
    Various Ensembles

  136. Telefunken "Das Alte Werk" TK 11 515 -1 & 11515-2 [LPx2]
    Musik der Dürerzeit - Music during the Age of Durer
    Monteverdi Chor, Hamburg - Jurgen Jurgens, dir.; Capella Antiqua, München - Konrad Ruhland, dir.; Studio der frühen Musik - Thomas Binkley, dir.

  137. Telefunken "Das Alte Werk" 6.35 605 ER [LPx2, stereo]
    Musik der Lutherzeit
    Studio der Frühen Musik - Capella Antiqua München; Monteverdi-Chor Hamburg

  138. Testament SBT 1251 [CD]
    Music for Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain - Instrumemts of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
    The Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow, dir.

  139. Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 023
    The best of Millenium of Music
    Various artists from Columbia, SEON, Sony

  140. Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 025
    The best of Millenium of Music
    Behold and See
    Various artists from the Catalogue of Qualiton U.S.A.

  141. Vanguard "Everyman classics" SRV 298SD [LP]
    Songs of Birds, Battle and Love, and the Flowering of the French Chanson
    Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir.

  142. Vanguard VSD 729/30 [LP-mono & stereo]
    The Art of Alfred Deller - The most famous recordings
    Alfred Deller and various artists

  143. Victrola (USA) set M 212 [78rpm x5, 30cm]
    Dijon Cathedral Choir
    La Maîtrise de la Cathédrale de Dijon - Joseph Samson, dir.

  144. Virgin Classics 562 126 (5 CDs)
    1000 Years of Sacred Music

  145. Virgin Edition 7243 5 61334 2 6 (2 CDs; mid-priced)
    The Art of the Netherlands
    Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow

  146. Virgin Veritas 562 346 (2 CDs)
    Josquin: Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae / Motets & Chansons
    Hilliard Ensemble - Paul Hillier

  147. Vox Turnabout TV 34437 / TV-S 34437 [LP-mono/stereo]
    Josquin Des Prés - Missa "De Beata Virgine" & Psalm, hymn & motet
    Dessoff Choirs - Paul Boepple, cond.

  148. Warner Classics 90296 73084 [CDx34]
    Josquin and the Franco-Flemish School
    Various artists

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