Gibbons: Consort songs, etc.

Gibbons: Consort and Keyboard Music / Songs and Anthems
Rose Consort of Viols / Red Byrd / Tessa Bonner / Timothy Roberts
Naxos 8.550603


  1. Pavan (6 viols)
  2. Galliard (6 viols)
  3. Behold, thou has made my days (5 voices, 5 viols)
  4. The Lord of Salisbury his Pavan and Galliard (harpsichord)
  5. Fantasia No. 1 for two trebles (2 viols)
  6. I weigh not Fortune's frown (soprano, 4 viols)
  7. I tremble not at the noise of war (soprano, 4 viols)
  8. I see ambition never pleased (soprano, 4 viols)
  9. I feign not friendship where I hate (soprano, 4 viols)
  10. Preludium in G (organ)
  11. Go from my window (6 viols)
  12. Dainty fine bird (soprano, 4 viols)
  13. Fair is the rose (soprano, 4 viols)
  14. Fantasia No. 3 (6 viols)
  15. Fantisia No. 5 (6 viols)
  16. A Mask: The Fairest Nymph (virginals)
  17. Lincoln's Inn Mask (virginals)
  18. Allmaine in G (virginals)
  19. Fantasia No. 1 for the Great Double Bass (3 viols, organ)
  20. Galliard (3 viols)
  21. The silver swan (soprano, 5 viols)
  22. In Nomine (4 viols)
  23. Glorious and powerful God (5 voices, 5 viols)

Performers: Tessa Bonner (soprano); Caroline Trevor, Penny Vickers, Ian Honeyman, John Potter, Henry Wickham, Richard Wistreich (voices); John Bryan, Mark Caudle, Alison Crum, Julia Hodgson, Elizabeth Liddle, Roy Marks, Susanna Pell (viols); Timothy Roberts (keyboards)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: April, May, June, November 1992

Unfortunately, there are very few recordings of Gibbons' consort songs, but this recording contains several fairly well-done. Actually, it is the two verse anthems which are the most impressive pieces here, along with the consort pieces. The harpsichord/virginal pieces are less impressive in these interpretations.

Gibbons wrote some of the finest consort music of the era, and some of the finest chamber music in Western history. A couple of recordings highlighting this music:

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And a recording specifically featuring Gibbons' keyboard music:

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It might be worth noting that no less a figure than the eccentric pianist Glenn Gould thought Gibbons one of the greatest keyboard composers.

Some other citations can be found from each of the above links.

The anthems on the present recording are performed in a chamber setting, which would have been typical of the time. These pieces, along with the organ music, were also performed in cathedral settings. A recording which introduces this facet of Gibbons' output:

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A mixed program similar to the present one:

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A recording including Gibbons' consort songs:

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Two classic presentations:

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