Orlando Consort Discography

The Orlando Consort is a male four-voice Medieval & Renaissance ensemble founded in 1988. The primary members are Robert Harre-Jones (countertenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), and Donald Greig (baritone) with other singers sometimes joining the consort when other parts are needed. The style emphasis is on singing all parts, with one voice to a polyphonic part.

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Recordings, listed chronologically by production date:

Alleluia Nativitas
Music and Carols for a Medieval Christmas
Metronome 1001
Philippe de Vitry and the Ars Nova
Amon Ra 49
Worcester Fragments
English sacred music of the late Middle Ages
Amon Ra 59
Loyset Compère
Mass, Motets, Songs
Metronome 1002
Popes & Antipopes
Music for the Courts of Avignon & Rome
Metronome 1008
John Dunstaple
Metronome 1009
Metronome 1015
La Rue: Missa De Sancto Job
ORF Shop 150
Ockeghem: Missa De plus en plus & Chansons
DG Archiv 453 419
Mystery of Notre Dame
Chant & Polyphony
DG Archiv 453 487
Dreams in the Pleasure Garden
Machaut - Chansons
DG Archiv 457 618
Linn 076
The Saracen and the Dove
Music from the Courts of Padua and Pavia around 1400
DG Archiv 459 620
Josquin: Motets
DG Archiv 463 473
Bread, Wine & Song
Music & Feasting in Renaissance Europe
Harmonia Mundi USA 907314
The Call of the Phoenix
Rare 15th-century English Church music
Harmonia Mundi USA 907297
Extempore II
A Modern Mass for the Feast of St Michael
Harmonia Mundi USA 907319
The Toledo Summit
Early 16th-c. Spanish & Flemish songs & motets
Harmonia Mundi USA 907328
Busnois: Missa "O crux lignum" / Motets / Chansons
Harmonia Mundi USA 907333
Medieval Gardens in Music
The Rose, the Lily & the Whortleberry
Harmonia Mundi USA 907398
Medieval Christmas
Harmonia Mundi USA 907418
Scattered Rhymes
Tarik O'Regan / Guillaume Machaut / Gavin Bryars
Orlando Consort / Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir - Paul Hillier
Harmonia Mundi USA 807469 [SACD]
Machaut: Chants from Le voir dit
Hyperion 67727
Machaut: The Dart of Love
Hyperion 68008
Loyset Compère
Hyperion 68069
Machaut: A Burning Heart
Hyperion 68103
Beneath the Northern Star
The Rise of English Polyphony, 1275-1430
Hyperion 68132
Machaut: Sovereign Beauty
Hyperion 68134
Machaut: Fortune's Child
Hyperion 68195
Machaut: The Gentle Physician
Hyperion 68206
Hyperion 68236
Machaut: The Single Rose
Hyperion 68277
Machaut: The Lion of Nobility
Hyperion 68318
The Florentine Renaissance
Hyperion 68349

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