Recent world music CD additions

As per the discussion now prefacing the world music index page here, I have created this general page for more recent CD additions (i.e. since July 2015).

This is a general purpose listing, in that CDs will not be broken down by culture or genre, but merely collected for reference. Discussion will be minimal to nonexistent here, although some discussion can sometimes be found in the CD files themselves, or in entries over in my jazz or improvised music series. (The latter will be interspersed with many entries concerning contemporary improvisation from the US, Europe & elsewhere.)

And so the following are also (very much) recommended recordings, but more recently produced than those found in the older listings:

Wasla: Suites musicales égyptiennes
Tarek Abdallah / Adel Shams El-Din
Buda Musique 4704634
Tambour inopiné
Ensemble Moshtaq
Buda Musique 4707033
Musiques d'Alep
Wajd Ensemble - Tarek Alsayed Yahya
Outhere Music 685
Music from Central Asia
Uzbekistan on the Silk Road
Ochilbek Matchonov, et al.
Arc Music 2728
Melodic Circles
Urban Classical Music from Iran
Mehdi Rostami / Adib Rostami
Arc Music 2794
Armenia: The Art of the Duduk
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian, et al.
Ocora 560287

The above list is in chronological order, according to when I first encountered the album. (Breaks do mark intervals of time, but are partly arbitrary as well.)

It is unclear how fast this list might or might not grow, but I intend it to maintain some contact with the "traditional" focus of this portion of the site. (Note: The CD files above will generally have links referring back to a historical summary in which they do not actually appear, as opposed to pointing back here.)

I've also come to add a handful of older recordings as well, some of which only recently appeared in print, but some of which I could have conceivably featured much earlier (but didn't):

Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea
Madang / Windim Mambu
Ideologic Organ 024 [CDx2]
Z.M. Dagar: Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani
Rudra Veena / Seattle / 9 March 1986
Ideologic Organ 028
Z.M. Dagar: Raga Yaman
Rudra Veena / Seattle / 15 March 1986
Ideologic Organ 029
Crying Bamboos
Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang
Ideologic Organ 030 [CDx2]
Tibetan and Bhutanese instrumental and folk music
Volume 2
Sub Rosa 230
Java - Tembang Sunda
Musiques savantes - Musique et chants classiques
Uking Sukri, et al.
Ocora 583064

Brief discussions within those files will hopefully provide the specific circumstances around their (belated) inclusion here.

The following were then the final two CDs added (in 2012 & 2013, respectively) to this section of the site under the old format, such that pages for their particular world cultures were also updated at the time:

Korea: Gayageum Sanjo
École Choi Ok-Sam
Kim Hae-Sook (gayageum) / Yoon Ho-Se (buk)
Ocora 560247
Tajikistan: Classical Music and Songs
Abduvali Abdurashidov, et al.
Ocora 560254

The above are included to provide a bit of continuity with the earlier approach.

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Todd M. McComb
Last Update: 30 August 2023