Hilliard Ensemble

The Hilliard Ensemble is one of the world's foremost male a capella ensembles. Their repertory ranges from the medieval to the modern, to which they bring a unique sound honed by years of performing together. The ensemble consists of David James (countertenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Steven Harrold (tenor), and Gordon Jones (baritone), a basic constituency which formed in 2001. The core of the group's repertory is drawn from the ample volume of scores for four-voice ATTB ensemble, a disposition which is sometimes expanded for certain programs and especially on the records from the 1980s. The ensemble takes a cooperative approach to program planning, while the undirected performances allow a spontaneity which is sometimes difficult to achieve in more closely controlled environments.

Based in the UK, the ensemble's historical contribution to the recorded discography of early music has been substantial, as evidenced by this page, where several recordings have been among the most influential for the repertory. Their name is taken from the English miniaturist Nicholas Hilliard (c.1537-1619), and is perhaps not incidentally related to that of former member Paul Hillier, who provided much of the early program planning before moving to the US. The list of singers who have been members or performed with the group in the past reads like a who's who of English male voices, including Paul Agnew, David Beavan, Michael Chance, Charles Daniels, Paul Elliott, Michael George, David Gould, Robert Jones, Leigh Nixon, Mark Padmore, John Potter, Christopher Robson, and Ashley Stafford.

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Todd M. McComb

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(chronological, by recording date)

17th & 18th Century Songs & Catches
Recorded: 70s?
Saga Classics 3332
The Romantic Englishman
Recorded 8/77
Meridian 89009
Popular Music from the Time of Henry VIII
Recorded: 1977; Also: Saga 2257
Saga Classics 5444
Songs for a Tudor King
Fayrfax / Browne / Cornysh, etc.
Recorded: 1978 ; Also: Saga 3378
Saga Classics 5461
Power: Masses & Motets
Recorded: 9/80
Virgin Edition 61345
The Merry Companions
Songs and Catches from Purcell to Arne
Recorded: 1981?
Saga Classics 5477
Isaac: Sacred & Secular Works
w/ Kees Boeke Consort
Recorded: 12/81
EMI Reflexe 63063
De Monte: Sacred & Secular Works
w/ Kees Boeke Consort
Recorded: 12/81
EMI Reflexe 63428
Medieval English Music - Anon 14th & 15th centuries
Recorded: 9/82
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 1901106
Rore: Le Vergine
Recorded: 9/82
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 1901107
Dunstable: Motets
Recorded: 9/82
Virgin Edition 61342
Josquin: Motets and Chansons
Recorded: 2/83
Virgin Veritas Edition 61302
Marenzio: Madrigals
Recorded: 1983
UEA Recordings 82126 (LP)
Schütz: St. Matthew Passion
Recorded: 9/83
EMI Reflexe 49200
Lassus: Motets, Stabat Mater, Chansons
Recorded: 9/83
Virgin Veritas Edition 61166
Lassus: Penitential Psalms
w/ Kees Boeke Consort
Recorded: 7/85
Virgin Edition 61216 (2 CDs)
Byrd: Masses
Recorded: 10/83
EMI Reflexe 63441
J.S. Bach: Motets
w/ Knabenchor Hannover & London Baroque
Recorded: 7/84
EMI Reflexe 49204
Ockeghem: Requiem / Missa Mi-Mi
Recorded: 9/84
Virgin Veritas Edition 61219
The Singing Club
Ravenscroft / Lawes / Purcell / Arne
Recorded: 9/84
Harmonia Mundi 901153
Sumer is Icumen in
Medieval English Songs
Recorded: 9/84
Harmonia Mundi 901154
Palestrina: Canticum canticorum / Motets Book IV / Spiritual Madrigals
Recorded: 11/84
Virgin Veritas Edition 61168
Schütz: Schwanengesang - Opus Ultimum
Recorded: 3/85
Virgin Veritas Edition 61306 (2 CDs)
Dufay: Missa L'homme armé / Motets
Recorded: 1/86
EMI Reflexe 47628
Byrd: Songs of Sundrie Natures
w/ London Baroque
Recorded: 3/86
EMI Reflexe 47961
Tallis: The Lamentations of Jeremiah
Lamentations, Mass for 4 voices, Motets
Recorded: 9/86
ECM New Series 1341
Machaut: Messe de Notre Dame
w/ Le Lai de la Fonteinne & Ma fin est mon commencement
Recorded: 3/87 & 2/89
Hyperion 66358
Sacred and Secular Music from Six Centuries
Recorded: 3/87 & 2/89
Hyperion 66370
Music from the time of Christian IV
Recorded: 4/87
Bis 389
Draw on Sweet Night
English Madrigals
Recorded: 5/87
EMI Reflexe 49197
Ockeghem: Missa Prolationum and Marian Motets
Recorded: 4/88
EMI Reflexe 49798
Recorded: 9/88
ECM New Series 1385
Dowland: Ayres
Recorded: 9/88
EMI Reflexe 49805
Josquin Desprez: Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae, etc.
Recorded: 5/89
EMI Reflexe 49960
German Romantic Partsongs
Schubert / Schumann / Cornelius / Reger / Strauss
Recorded: 9/89
EMI Reflexe 54017
di Lasso & Ockeghem
Lagrime di San Pietro / Missa pro defunctis
The Hilliard Ensemble / The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
Recorded: 1990 or prior
Nutech Digital Silverline Classics 323 [DVD]
Medieval Music
Recorded: 1/90
Conifer Records "Sunday Times Music Collection" 4
Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories
Recorded: 3/90
ECM New Series 21422 (2 CDs)
Pierre de la Rue: Missa Cum iocunditate / Motets
Recorded: 9/90
Virgin Edition 61392
The Old Hall Manuscript
Recorded: 9/90
Virgin Edition 61393
w/ Hespèrion XX
Recorded: compilation & 1990
EMI Reflexe 55207
Spanish and Mexican Renaissance Vocal Music
Music in the Age of Columbus / Music in the New World
Recorded: 1/91
Virgin Edition 61394 (2 CDs)
Morales: Missa Mille regretz / Magnificat
w/ Junta de Andalucia
Recorded: 1991
Almaviva 0101
Italian Renaissance Madrigals
Recorded: 1991
EMI Reflexe 54435
Walter Frye
Recorded: 1/92
ECM New Series 1476
Codex Speciálník
Recorded: 1/93
ECM New Series 1504
Lassus: Missa pro defunctis / Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Recorded: 1993
ECM 1658
Sweet love, sweet hope
Music from a 15th-century Bodleian manuscript
Recorded: 1996
Isis Records 030
Perotin and the Ars Antiqua
Recorded: 8/96
Hilliard Live 1001
For Ockeghem
Recorded: 1997
Hilliard Live 1002
Antoine Brumel
Recorded: 1997
Hilliard Live 1003
In Paradisum - Victoria: Officium defunctorum / Palestrina
Recorded: 1997
ECM 1653
Guillaume Dufay - Missa Se la face ay pale
Recorded: 1998
Hilliard Live 1004
Machaut: Motets
Recorded: 2001
ECM 1823
Gombert: Missa Media Vita In Morte Sumus
Recorded: 2002
ECM 1884
J.S. Bach: Motetten
Recorded: 2003
ECM "New Series" 1875
Audivi vocem
Works by Tallis, Tye & Sheppard
Recorded: 2005
ECM 1936
Trigonale 2007 - Festival der Alten Musik
Recorded: 2007
Raum Klang 2705 (2 CDs)
Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers / The Hilliard Ensemble
Released: 2012
Coro 16098
Recorded: 2012
ECM "New Series" 2408

In each case, the catalog number given in italics is the most recent known release; only a percentage are currently available.

Modern Recordings

Arvo Pärt: Arbos
w/ many other performers
Recorded: 8/86 & 1/87
ECM New Series 1325
Arvo Pärt: Passio
Recorded: 3/88
ECM New Series 1370
Arvo Pärt: Miserere
Recorded 9/90 & 12/90
ECM New Series 1430
Giya Kancheli: Abii ne viderem
w/ many other performers
ECM New Series 1510
w/ Jan Garbarek
Recorded: 9/93
ECM New Series 1525
Gavin Bryars: Vita Nova
ECM New Series 1533
Arvo Pärt: Litany
ECM New Series 1592
A Hilliard Songbook
ECM New Series 1614/15 (2 CDs)
w/ Jan Garbarek
ECM New Series 21700 (2 CDs)
Gavin Bryars: Cadman Requiem
w/ Fretwork
Point Music 462 511
Morimur (after J.S. Bach)
w/ Christoph Poppen
ECM New Series 1765 (2 CDs)
Andrew Keeling: Quickening the Dead
w/ Bacchanalia / Susanna Pell
Recorded: 10/98
Riverrun 55
Lockerby Memorial Concert
w/ Gavin Bryars / Fretwork
Gavin Bryars Recordings 3
Bach-Webern: Ricercar
w/ Munich Chamber Orchestra - Christoph Poppen
ECM New Series 1774
Cornelius de Bondt: Blood
w/ Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble "Live" 4
Thy Kiss of a Divine Nature
The Contemporary Perotin
Arthaus Musik 100 695 (2 DVDs + CD)
Raskatov: Prayers and Praise
w/ Netherlands Chamber Orchestra - Krystof Maratka
Released: 2013
Challenge Classics 72578
In Search of the Miraculous
w/ EQ Ensemble
Louth Contemporary Music 1301
Holliger: Machaut-Transkriptionen
w/ viola trio
ECM "New Series" 2224

I have not generally listed reissue extracts or compilations here. Links to them should be available in the individual files where appropriate.

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