Compositions of Shyama Shastri (1762-1827)

The following list has been built mainly from the source Compositions of Shyama Shastri by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. K. Govinda Rao, published in Chennai 1997. Small adjustments to the list were made from that source, based on previous versions. This stage was completed in 1999.

Subsequently, the doctoral thesis on Shyama Shastri compositions by Y. Saradhambal was consulted. This resulted in the addition of the kriti nannukaruNiHnci, the adjustment of the raga for ninnuvinA marigaladA, the tala for taruNamidammA, and the marking of numerous items as questionable. Due both to style and chronology, Dr. Y. Saradhambal believes these items to be inauthentic, although most have appeared in more than one modern source. This step occurred in 2008.

Previous listing information was taken from Alphabetical Index of Karnatak Songs by Lakshman Ragde, with extensive information from Raganidhi by B. Subba Rao, and clarifications from other sources and rmic readers.

Errors in this list should now be minimal or nonexistent, perhaps consisting of typographical errors on my part. However, there remain some controversial points, as illustrated by the second paragraph above. Melakarta assignments are taken from T. K. Govinda Rao when needed. Talas are somewhat more haphazard, reflecting the fact that Shyama Sastri compositions frequently use unusual talas, some of which will now be performed in modern talas in one way or another, or have their pulses divided in different ways.

Hopefully this list will prove useful. It has been created laboriously over the course of several years. Now that more authoritative sources are available, it becomes possible to present it with some confidence.

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Last Updated: 13 March 2008

Romanization scheme:

a A i I u U R L
e E ai O au M
k kh g gh HN
c ch j jh Hn
T Th D Dh N
t th d dh n
p ph b bh m
y r l v
sh S s h

The scheme is a direct copy of my usual Sanskrit scheme, hopefully suitably adapted in this case. The Romanization was performed originally by Santosh Rao. Some later reference was made to T. K. Govinda Rao.

If you find errors, please let me know.

This list will be ordered by rAga, first by mELakarta and then alphabetically (Sanskrit alphabet). In some cases mELakarta assignments are controversial.

There is now an alphabetical list by song title, with only naive Romanization.


8. hanumatODi

13. gAyakapriya

15. mAyAmALavagauLa

17. sUryakAntaM

20. naThabhairavi

22. kharaharapriya

28. harikAmbhOji

29. dhIrashaHNkarAbharaNaM

36. calanATa

39. jhAlavarALi

53. gamanashrama

56. SaNmukhapriya

65. mecakalyANi


These items are sometimes attributed to Shyama Sastry, but have never been verified in any way, and are not listed by T. K. Govinda Rao. I have not received corrected attributions, however. The order is the same as above, without the headings.

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T. M. McComb