Compositions of Mysore Vasudevacharya (1865-1961)

The following list was originally taken from Alphabetical Index of Karnatak Songs by Lakshman Ragde, with extensive information from Raganidhi by B. Subba Rao, and clarifications from other sources and RMIC readers. Special thanks for the first version are due to Ashok Madhav <>.

Since that time, two extensive revisions have taken place, both with information supplied directly by Lakshman Ragde <>, based on revisions to his index and then including lyrics. My role has been minimal, consisting primarily of editor and typist. I have also done my best to correct any errors brought to my attention, as well as to order the compositions in a (hopefully) useful way.

It is hoped that the present list is now more than 90% correct. After several years online, this becomes a reasonable expectation. Of course, I remain happy to accept corrections and additions, and with the new addition of lyrics, I expect that readers can help refine this page to a higher level.

Hopefully this list will prove useful.

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Last Updated: 22 January 2017

This list will be ordered by raga, first by mELakarta and then alphabetically. In some cases mELakarta assignments are controversial. Romanization is a simplified version compared to what I have used in the Dikshitar listing, for instance.

There is also an alphabetical list by song title.


8. hanumatODi

9. dhEnuka

10. nATakapriyA

11. kOkilapriyA

14. vakuLAbharaNa

15. mAyAmALavagauLa

16. cakravAka

17. sUryakAnta

20. naThabhairavi

21. kIravANi

22. kharaharapriyA

23. gaurImanOhari

24. varuNapriyA

26. cArukEsi

27. sarasAngi

28. harikAmbhOji

29. dhIrashankarAbharaNa

34. vAgadIshvari

36. calanATa

39. jhAlavarALi

44. bhavapriyA

45. shubhapantuvarALi

51. kAmavardhini

52. rAmapriyA

53. gamanAshrama

56. SaNmukhapriyA

57. simhEndramadhyama

59. dharmavati

62. riSabhapriyA

63. latAngi

64. vAcaspati

65. mEcakalyANi


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